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Greater Fairfield County CMLS provides participating brokers and agents with fast, accurate and reliable access to the information services and resources that make our property market function efficiently and effectively for the benefit of buyers and sellers. Serving more than 7,500 REALTORSĀ® in Greater Fairfield County Connecticut, Greater Fairfield County CMLS’s mission is to develop and deliver excellence in the technologies, data resources, programs and policies that support our subscribers in the performance of professional real estate practice. Learn More

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New Listing Input Forms

Just a reminder about the new listing input forms we have implemented in Matrix recently:
For quite some time, we had been exploring ways to make the listing input process less cumbersome.  We were aware that it is inefficient for listing agents to fill out the listing input forms from our website (whether online or by hand) and take them to the seller for review and modification, only to then have to go back and re-enter all of that information into Matrix.  We created the new listing input system to eliminate this duplication and greatly reduce the time and effort it takes you to enter listings into Matrix. 
At its very core, the new system allows Matrix to create the listing input form.  Essentially, you start a listing in Matrix as you normally would (either through the copy/clone process or by starting from scratch with the TaxID), save your work at any point as an Incoming Listing, print out the “(New) Listing Input Form” (however complete or incomplete it is), bring it to your seller for review and modification, have them sign it and then return to your computer to enter any additional or changed information and save it as Active.  This eliminates the duplication of reentering listing data from forms that previously had to be created outside of Matrix. 
You may use this with all the different property types.  Simply enter as little or as much of the listing as you want and save it as either Incoming or Active (depending on how much information you’ve entered)- either way, Matrix will generate a list number and display a confirmation that your input succeeded.   You may print the report directly from the confirmation message, or make a note of the list number and use it to pull up the listing either through a search or in the Speed Bar.  After Matrix displays the listing, click the Print button, go all the way down to the bottom of the list of available reports, select the “(New) Listing Input Form” and click Print to PDF.  
Once the new report has printed, you can bring it to the seller.  If it’s complete, they can simply initial each page and sign it at the end (this is a valid replacement for our previously fillable form);  if it is incomplete, you can handwrite any changes or additions on the form, then have them initial each page and sign it at the end.   You can then make any changes/additions in Matrix and save it as Active.  
You also still have the option to print a completely blank form and bring it with you to the seller so you can fill it out together, then enter it in Matrix later.

(Posted on 9/30/2016 10:33:37 AM )

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